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We are a consortium of agile change professionals who specialise in supporting large scale organisations
on their agile journey supporting from the boardroom through to delivery.
Understand how to move your business into a more agile way of working and gain the benefits of outcome delivery at pace.
Take an holistic view of your business ecosystem and get new focus on your agile transformation.
Unify Business and Technology. Deliver value to your customers.
Agile agnostic, Focused on value, Building lasting capability , Using work in flight, Supporting you.

Arabica Transformation Consulting

Agility from the boardroom to the customer.

At Arabica we are passionate about helping organisations evolve and transform successfully to release the benefits of more agile ways of working.

We put VALUE and building permanent capability at the heart of every organisational transformation. We support leaders and teams with the practical application of agile and lean theories, practices and tools using real work in flight as the basis for change.

We specialise in supporting organisations looking to transform their business to take advantage of lean and agile. We share the same philosophy, approach and practices, and are capable of supporting the entire scope of your organisational transformation from the boardroom to the customer, bringing all areas of the organisation on the journey.

We understand that taking an holistic view of the business ecosystem is essential for a successful transformation. Our team is highly experienced in helping organisations build the capability and unify Business and Technology to deliver value to customers at pace.

If you are interested in learning more about how we can help your organisation, please don't hesitate to get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Our four point approach to organisational change can be applied at all levels of the business.

From senior executives to individual employees, we are committed to building capability across the organisation. Through alignment of personal goals to business initiatives and OKRs, we ensure that everyone's work is contributing to the business' overall objectives and hence, the delivery of value.

Your employees are given the resources they need to develop their skills and knowledge, so that they can make meaningful contributions to the business. Empowering and communicating well with your employees and helping them to understand the transformative nature of the business ensures that everyone is working together to achieve your company's goals.

Our four point method starts your journey with a clear understanding of the outcomes you expect.

By defining the value as a measurable statement, you will outline initial parameters and enable the cascade of value from OKR to story and story to OKR.

Next you will define the value being delivered by these outcomes within the portfolio allowing for data driven decisions based on value.

Finally we will build lasting capability to support leaders and teams in the practical application of more lean and agile practices as we work together to deliver beneficial change. Download our service catalogue to find out more.

Agile agnostic
We will support you in finding and applying the best agile practices for your organisation to deliver the benefits you want to see using new ways of working.

Focused on value
We will ensure that value is at the heart of your organisation so you can align and prioritise your deliverables based in value.
Building lasting capability
We will support you in the practical application of agile methods, tools and techniques to build lasting capability in your organisation.

Using work in flight
We will underpin capability build using work in flight to ensure that lessons learned are immediately applied and knowledge is retained, making work iteratively better.


Arabica products and services are designed to resolve the challenges of the evolving organisation. Use them individually or combine them together to create the best solution for you. Download our service catalogue to find out more.


Benefit, Measure, Value, Work
An end to end program tailored to fit your organisation. We will work across all levels of the business to ensure a common understanding of the benefits of change; agree a common way to measure the delivery of value and work to deliver it.

Building an agile organisation requires several key factors to be considered:

Clear Vision and Strategy: A clear vision and strategy (the value), should be established to guide decision-making and provide direction for the organisation

Cross-functional Teams: Teams should be composed of cross-functional members who can collaborate and communicate effectively to achieve shared goals

Continuous Learning: The organisation must have a culture of continuous learning, experimentation, and improvement

Empowered Teams: Teams should be empowered to make decisions and take ownership of their work

Agile Methodology: Agile methodologies should be implemented to promote flexibility, rapid adaptation, and continuous delivery



Breakdown, Describe, Size, Track
Working at team level, we will embed and enable teams to break their work down into chunks; clearly describe the work; size the work based on it’s complexity and plan the delivery of the work.

Break work down into chunks: when teams understand the WHO, WHAT and HOW of delivery, they can break their work down into meaningful pieces of value to deliver.

Describe the work: by clearly articulating the value and what it is for, transparency improves and mismatch between expectation and product delivered should be reduced.

Size the work: when teams understand the complexity of what they are trying to deliver, they can size the work based on the effort to deliver and the skills available within the team.

Plan and track the work: once teams have a prioritised backlog of clearly described, sized work, they can create a roadmap for delivery that should reflect everything they know about the delivery.

Empowerment: Teams should be empowered to make decisions and take ownership of their work, which fosters a sense of ownership and accountability.

Agile Methodology: Agile methodologies should be implemented to promote flexibility, rapid adaptation, and continuous delivery



Build, Measure, Learn
Using lean agile principles, we will work with your teams to ensure a deep understanding of your customer and what they really need positions the teams to deliver the right thing to your customers and adapt using quick feedback cycles.

Lean Startup is a methodology that emphasises building products through iterative experimentation and validated learning.

It is based on the idea that startups should focus on creating a minimum viable product (MVP) that can be tested with real customers to determine if there is a market fit before investing significant time and resources into building a fully-featured product.

Reduces risk: By testing a minimum viable product with real customers early on, startups can quickly determine if there is a market fit. This helps to reduce the risk of investing significant time and resources into building a product that no one wants.

Faster time-to-market: The lean startup methodology encourages rapid iteration and experimentation, which can help startups bring products to market faster.

Customer-focused: Lean startup is customer-focused and emphasises creating products that solve real problems for customers. This helps startups to create products that have a better chance of success in the market.

Continuous improvement: The lean startup methodology encourages continuous improvement through experimentation and learning. This helps startups to stay responsive and adapt to changes in the market or customer needs.

Strong and commited agile leadership are key factors for success. We will work as part of your leadership team to help define and drive your agile organisation. Our team have used their combined decades of experience to create a model designed to help you define your desired transformation target state, as well as a proven approach to to creating an overall delivery plan.
Ensuring that you start your agile journey in the best possible way, we have experienced facilitators who will introduce your teams to agile using our portfolio of capability build courses. Giving teams a fuller understanding of key agile concepts will inform them as they use more agile ways of working.
Where your organisation has already started its' agile journey, we will work with individuals and groups, helping them to identify focus areas. With years of industry experience we can help your people to negotiate the common challenges that await them.

With some of the most experienced agile practitioners in the business, we will work with your thought leaders to help develop a full understanding of lean portfolio management, servant leader practices, the value of psychological safety, and being present in the work.
We bring a fresh pair of eyes to your organisation identifying the gap between your current ways of working and the path needed to move to faster delivery of value. We have worked in many different industries facilitating the move from traditional ways of working and legacy infrastructure to best practice value delivery and the move to Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery.
As you create consensus around the investible propositions that will set your organisation apart from the competition, we will help you to shape your work to understand what the highest value capabilities are and how to deliver them. We will ensure you use industry leading practices to deliver quality at pace. Once you have delivered the work, we will facilitate your reflection on the value delivered and guide you as you use the insight gained to fuel the development of your adaptive strategy.

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